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POLL: Some Claim The Mandela Effect was Once Called The Kofi Annan Effect

The Bernstein Bears are known time travelers

New York City — Nearly everyone is familiar with The Mandela Effect, and most have experienced something like it. The Mandela Effect is when a person remembers an event differently from reality, suggesting that perhaps history has been altered or that a person’s memory came from an alternate reality. Adding credence to this phenomenon, it appears some people have experienced The Mandela Effect on The Mandela Effect itself.

In a recent poll, 27% of participants reported that they distinctly remember The Mandela Effect being called The Kofi Annan Effect. “Look, I know the difference between apartheid and the United Nations,” said alternate-reality historian, Cornelius Smathers, “and I’m telling you, it’s always been called The Annan Effect!” When asked if perhaps Mr. Smathers was simply confusing one man’s facial characteristics for the other, Cornelius denied the allegation, claiming that some of his best friends are black. Smathers, like most of the individuals who believe in the name change, refers to himself as an “Annaner”.

Another participant, Jeffrey Billings, added further analysis to the effect. “Think about it, man. When someone says something and they don’t want you to know who said it, what do they call it? Being anonymous, man. Get it, man? Anonymous, Kofi Annan? Totally, man.” [Note: The pollster who interviewed Billings was Peter Mann.]

Annaners, 43% of whom are also Flat-Earthers, claim that The Annan Effect also changed the lifespan of both Kofi Annan and Nelson Mandela. “I swear to god, just last week The New York Times reported Mandela and Annan were having brunch together in Geneva,” announced poll participant and maze designer, Finn Q. Dinkley. “Now you’re telling me they’re both f***ing dead?”

When asked who changed the name of the effect in question:

  • 67% said the U.S. government.
  • 21% said “the Russians”.
  • 9% said it was Kofi Annan himself, who didn’t appreciate having his name associated with such a silly, ridiculous idea.
  • 3% said the name had briefly changed to The Mandela Effect but it was now back to Annan and therefore could not explain who had made the change.
  • 14% also claimed their original answer was different, but The Annan Effect had changed it.

Editor’s note: As of this article’s publishing date, January 27, 2019, Nelson Mandela was living in Bern, Switzerland and Kofi Annan was residing in Johannesburg, South Africa.